The scientific program features a range of distinguished keynote and state of the science lectures as well as presentations by leaders in the various fields of data analysis in symposia, workshops and controversial debates.

The conference also includes a workshop on Library and Information Science.

The conference language is English.

Soon you will find the first draft of the CONFERENCE PROGRAM. Please note, that the program will be updated periodically. Participants will receive a copy of the final program with conference material on-site.


Organized session:

Invited person can submit organized session on Conftool website (Your submissions -> Organized session) by proposing topic, abstract, chairs and symposium papers.


Scientific Program Committee:

Chairman: Józef Pociecha (SKAD)

Members (random order):

Krzysztof Jajuga (SKAD)

Marek Walesiak (SKAD)

Andrzej Sokołowski (SKAD)

Berthold Lausen (GfKl, BCS)

ndreas Geyer-Schulz (GfKl)

Adalbert Wilhelm (GfKl)

Daniel Baier (GfKl)

Claus Weihs (GfKl)

Christian Hennig (BCS)

Fionn Murtagh (BCS)

Andrea Cerioli (CLADAG)

Salvatore Ingrassia (CLADAG)

Maurizio Vichi (CLADAG)

Roberto Rocci (CLADAG)

Jose Dias (CLAD)

Paul McNicholas (CS)

Giannoula Florou (GSDA)

Sabine Krolak-Schwerdt (EuADS)

Rozen Dahyot (IPRCS)

Akinori Okada (JCS)

Ahmed Moussa (MCS)

Sugnet Lubbe (SASA-MDAG)

José Fernando Vera (SEIO-AMyC)

Mohammed Nadif (SFC)

Carlos Cuevas Covarrubias (SoCCAD)

Anuska Ferligoj (SSS)

Jorgen Vermunt (VOC)